27 September 2011

Book Review: Starcrossed (starcrossed #1)

Starcrossed (Starcrossed #1) by Josephine Angelini

Format: Paperback
Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books
Published: 3rd June 2011
Pages: 514
Main Characters: Helen and Lucas
Date Started: 8th August 2011
Date Finished: 13th August 2011
Rating Given: ***

Set on the island of Nantucket, STARCROSSED tells the tale of Helen Hamilton, a young woman whose destiny is forever altered when she meets Lucas Delos and tries to kill him in front of her entire high school. Which is terribly inconvenient, not only because Lucas is the most beautiful boy on the island, but also because Helen is so achingly shy she suffers physical pain whenever she is given too much attention.

Making matters worse, Helen is beginning to suspect she’s going crazy. Whenever she’s near Lucas or any member of his family she sees the ghostly apparitions of three women weeping bloody tears, and suffers the burden of an intense and irrational hate. She soon learns that she and Lucas are destined to play the leading roles in a Greek tragedy that the Three Fates insist on repeating over and over again throughout history. Like her namesake, Helen of Troy, she’s destined to start a war by falling in love. But even though Lucas and Helen can see their own star-crossed destiny, they’re still powerfully attracted to each other. Will they give up their personal happiness for the greater good, or risk it all to be together?

The reason why I wanted to read this book was the front cover as I find it beautiful. Another reason why was because I had heard a lot of good things about the book. All in all I wasn't that disappointed with reading the book.
The main reason why it only got 3 Stars was because it took a long time to get into it which at one point I really wanted to stop (which I don't do) but I kept going. Eventually mid-way through I really got into it and was looking forward to what was going  to happen on the next page/chapter. However the ending was disappointing as I thought there was another chapter but when I turned over and found it wasn't so I felt let down it just ended abruptly. I know some books have cliffhangers but this didn't feel like a cliffhanger it just felt unfinished.
With the characters I thought they was alright I just didn't think they where developed as much as they could have been. However I think this could be because at the beginning Helen and Grace literally hate other and bring out the worse in each other. So I am looking forward to seeing how they move on in the next book.
I did like the book and I thing it was a good debut book for Josephine Angelini and I am looking forward to seeing what she can offer in the next installment of Starcrossed and any other realm she will create.