24 September 2011

Book Review: Overprotected

Overprotected by Jennifer Laurens

Format: Ebook
Publisher: Grove Creek Publishing
Published: 29th April 2011
Pages: 243
Main Characters: Ashlyn and Colin
Date Started: 11th September 2011
Date Finished: 17th September 2011
Rating Given: ***


Ashlyn: A lonely society princess living in New York City.
Daddy hired you to be my bodyguard.
Colin: Childhood enemy, now her protector.
Daddy thought I’d be safe. He thought I’d never fall in love. He thought he could keep me forever. Charles: obsessed with keeping her safe, keeping her his, he hires the one person he knows she could never fall in love with: Colin.
Daddy was wrong.

The first reason why I wanted to read this book was because I have read Heavenly which was written by the same author so I thought I would like this book as well and the second reason was because of reading the description of the book I found I liked what the story was about. In most parts I wasn't wrong as I did like it.
I didn't quite like the beginning of this book because it took me awhile to get into it as it was very slow I think it was about halfway through when I started to get into it.
I found the characters alright they wasn't characters that you liked straight away but in the end I found myself routing for Ashlyn to stand up to her father. With Colin I found he was nice enough but when you hear about how he used to be with Ashlyn I just couldn't help thinking that he was going to do something that would hurt Ashlyn. As for her parents well I just didn't like them especially her father but I am sure that was how we are supposed to feel about him I can't believe any parents can be that controlling!
With the ending I found it came up a little short it could have just had a bit more explanation to it.
Overall I found it was a quick read that I may well read again.