10 October 2011

Book Review: The Juliet Spell

The Juliet Spell by Douglas Rees

Format: Ebook
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Published: 27th September 2011
Pages: 267
Main Characters: Miranda, Edmund, Drew
Date Started: 1st October 2011
Date Finished: 10th October 2011
Rating Given: ****

I’m Juliet.
At least, I wanted to be.
So I did something stupid to make it happen.
Well, stupid and wonderful.
I wanted the role of Juliet more than anything. I studied hard. I gave a great reading for it—even with Bobby checking me out the whole time. I deserved the part.
I didn’t get it. So I decided to level the playing field, though I actually might have leveled the whole play. You see, since there aren’t any Success in Getting to Be Juliet in Your High School Play spells, I thought I’d cast the next best—a Fame spell. Good idea, right?
Yeah. Instead of bringing me a little fame, it brought me someone a little famous. Shakespeare. Well, Edmund Shakespeare. William’s younger brother.
Good thing he’s sweet and enthusiastic about helping me with the play...and—ahem—maybe a little bit hot. But he’s from the past. Way past. Cars amaze him—cars! And cell phones? Ugh.
Still, there’s something about him that’s making my eyes go star-crossed....
Will Romeo steal her heart before time steals him away?
I didn't actually know about this book until I became a member of NetGalley in which you can request books to review. When I was looking through what I should pick I found this book and to be honest I fell in love with the front cover and knew I just had to request this book before I even read what it was about. When I did read what it was about it was decided that I was definitely was going to request this book. Once I was accepted I had to read it straight away.
To start with I was a bit confused with some of the language used but once I got used to it I just fell in love with the book. I haven't read a book like this before so I wasn't sure I was going to like it as much as I did but it was similar to a TV show that I had watched a few years ago called Lost in Austen which was about a woman going back in time, whereas this book is the opposite where someone from the past comes to the future. This book as you would tell is from the time of William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Which one of the characters from the play comes to the future. I really enjoyed this aspect of the story it was just very enjoyable. It was great to see how someone from a different century would get on in the present day it made me laugh out loud as you could just imagine that would be how they would act around the future appliances.
With Miranda's character I found her very likable someone you can relate too. I really felt her emotions and when she was sad I was sad and when she was happy I was too. She was definitely one of my favourite characters in this book and I was routing for her all the way. Edmund I wasn't sure about at first but I think it was because I didn't like the way he was with Miranda but from the very first moment we get to meet him you just know there is something good about him and by the end of the book I fell in love with him. Then there was Drew you just knew from the beginning that he was in love with Miranda which made me feel so sorry for him he was so sweet but Miranda was oblivious to him.
What I didn't get was how anyone could believe that Edmund was someone from the past if I where in their shoes I wouldn't have believed them, but the characters was very believing, especially Miranda's Mum which I wouldn't believe that she would believe in it but just go along with it anyway so not to hurt anyone's feelings but no she believes.
I would love the book even more if there was just a bit more to the ending it was sweet but I did want more.
 Great book definitely recommend it to anyone who has the chance to read it!