14 November 2012

Book Cover Talk: Entwined

This week's book cover that I am talking about is...

Entwined by Heather Dixon

I seem to have a particular taste when it comes to covers that I love. I have chosen a few cover with the elegant big dress and flowers before and here I am again choosing a cover with similar themes and I just love it.
With the others that I liked the flowers turned into the dress but this time it's around the edge of the cover which I think looks beautiful as it looks like it's captured a moment in the book.
This cover reminds me of a fairytale which is why I bought the book as i love my fairytales and when I received it and it said that it was a fairytale retelling I was over the moon as they are my favourite kind of books. This is a re-telling of The Twelve Dancing Princesses which to be honest I haven't heard about until this book was in my possession so I have no idea if this scene is something in the book yet as I haven't read this book as of yet.
The scenery is stunning with a castle in the background and then the grounds that she is walking upon just set the scene and the scene for me looks picturesque. I would have maybe liked to have seen the flowers around the edges as real flowers as then it would be completely realistic but because they're not it just doesn't have the realistic feel to it.
With the dress I can't tell what it looks like from the front but if the back is anything to go by I bet it's a breathtaking dress that I wish I had. I love all the ruffles as it adds texture to the book which you may know by know I love a bit of texture.
I love the font of the title very flowing and elegant just like the rest of the book. I think the font of the author needed to be kept simple as if it too was like the title it would have been too much but maybe it could have been in a different colour as it doesn't stand out as much, it's been overpowered by the rest of the book.
I can't wait to read this book but i just hope the story lives upto the cover as I don't want to have to give this book away I love the cover far too much.
What does everyone else think of this cover? Do you agree with me? Or do you disagree? Have you been let down by the story? Or does it live upto the cover?