9 February 2013

Blog Tour Stop: Interview with Liesel K. Hill

I am so pleased that I was asked to take part in this tour as I really enjoyed the book (for my review click here.) so without further ado here is my interview with the lovely Liesel

Hello Everyone! My name is Liesel K. Hill and my debut novel, Persistence of Vision, a dystopian fantasy with elements of sci-fi was released January 29th. I want to thank Kate for hosting me here. I’m so excited to be visiting!
What inspired you to write Persistence of Vision?
I’d wanted to write books for a long time in general, and I’d just finished my first full-length novel, a historical fiction. I grew up on fantasy, though, and I loved the idea of dystopia—the individual against the entity. I heard a story about a woman and her husband who were caught in a tourist trap in Vegas and lost time. My imagination just took off. I also took a literary science fiction class my final semester in college which got me thinking about collective minds. All those elements came together and, before long, Persistence of Vision was born.
How many books are you planning on for this series?

Tentatively, five. That number isn’t written in stone, but it’s what I’m shooting for.
Do you have any teasers you can share about the next book?
Um…well let’s just say we’ll be seeing more of Maggie’s brother, and learning more about the issues in Marcus and David’s pasts. We’ll also get to see some more nasty collective villains!
  Which characters are your favourites? and why?

I love my characters all equally. I have a hard time choosing just one. Maggie has a lot of me in her, so I always identify with her. David is probably the most interesting character in the series, and the one that will change the most over time. And Karl is the class clown and comic relief, so it’s fun to sit around and try to come up with clever things for him to say.
(Excluding Persistence) Have you got any other books/series in the pipeline?

 Yes! Several, actually. As I mentioned above, I have a historical fiction that I actually wrote prior to Persistence of Vision. It’s set in Russia in the middle ages, during the reign of Ivan the terrible. Citadels of Fire will be out in September of this year, courtesy of Jolly Fish Press, and will be the first of a trilogy. I also have a crime drama coming out next year, and am just starting work on a high fantasy series. As you can see, I keep pretty busy.
What are your favourite books and or authors?
I say this frequently, but Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series is at the top. I also think Joseph Conrad is shamefully under-read, and that Cormac McCarthy ought to be if at all possible, but then I’m very eclectic in my reading and have dozens of favorites. :D

Thanks for taking the time out to answer these questions and I'm very much looking forward to reading other books from you in the future.
Thanks so much for having me here!