28 February 2013

Changing Covers #14

Hi everyone welcome to my new weekly feature which all about covers that change either in the middle of the series or even when the series had finished. (The covers will mainly be UK changes but also from the USA.) I decided to do this feature as there has been so many cover changes it's hard to keep up.
I am not sure if anyone has done this particular feature so feel free to let me know so I can start linking it up to them. It is similar to other features that are out there but I'm hoping that this is different enough.

Marked by P.C & Kristin Cast

1st Edition                  2nd Edition                 3rd Edition
I think the 1st edition book is the hardback version and the second edition was the paperback. There may not be much of a change between the first and second edition covers but the subtle changes that have been used has improved the cover loads. Out of the first two I prefer the second one as I prefer the font and I love that the patterns are more noticeable. I also like the was the eye shines in the second cover as I think it really does capture me.
Just recently it had another cover change and to be honest with you I'm still not sure whether I like it I think I need to see it in person before I can make my mind up. I love the colour in the background and the way the title looks like it's shining. I'm not sure about the girl as I just don't think it looks right but I do like that she is in the shadows as I feel that is what the character feels like. I also like the way the title of the actual series has a moon around it.
Overall I think at the minute my favourite is the second edition book but this could change if and when I make my mind up on the third edition cover.
Whats everyone else's thoughts on these cover changes? Let me know in the comments below.