21 February 2013

Book Review: The Vampire's Promise (Deadly Offer #1) by Caroline B. Cooney

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Format: E-ARC
Publishers: Open Road Young Readers
Published: 22nd January 2013
Pages: 192
Genre: YA, Paranormal
Main Characters: Althea
Date Read: 12th February - 14th February 2013
Rating Given:
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Warning: This book had a different name (The Cheerleader) which wasn't even the first in the series so I found it hard to find the information on the book so if any of the above information is wrong I apologise.

Blurb from Goodreads:

Cheerleaders are beautiful, popular and exciting - girls that Althea longs to be. But Althea is nobody - she gets no phone calls, shares no laughter and has no friends. Then one day she meets him, a vampire who offers to make her a cheerleader in exchange for a simple bargain.
While looking through the books on Netgalley I came across this book which I thought sounded interesting which it was it just wasn't as good as what I thought it would be.

The cover I think looks a little menacing but after looking through Goodreads and finding there was another cover which I thought looked better.

I found this book to be a bit shallow which made me not want to continue reading but the more I kept reading the more I found I couldn't stop reading it. I think the reason why I found it so addicting was that it was different to the other vampire books that I have read before. I didn't find anything believable as everything that Althea was experiencing was from what the vampire did which made me not trust anything that happened but there was times when I wanted to believe it. I would say there was a bit of romance but again it wasn't believable which was a shame as I thought they could have made a cute couple. I didn't really like the ending as I felt everything was left up in the air and even though this is a part of a series I don't think the next book will follow with Althea. I do think there is a message in the book though with the main message being be careful of what you wish as you just might get it.

Even though there was a few characters the only person we really got to know was Althea who at the beginning I didn't really like as she was far too shallow and changed her mind as soon as she got what she thought she wanted. It wasn't until the end when she grew on me as she seemed to have acquired a backbone by then. The only other person we kind of got to know was The Vampire as he was the one that made an offer to Althea that she couldn't refuse but I did think he was manipulative but that seems to be his nature preying on the vulnerable. The other characters where just apart of the manipulation so I couldn't say whether they where nice or not.

Overall it was an addicting book that made me want to find out what was going to happen next but I just wish is was more believable.