4 February 2013

Book Review: Last Bitten (The Emerald Night #1) by Lauren Ash

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Format: Kindle
Publishers: Indie
Published: 17th January 2013
Pages: 52
Genre: New Adult, Paranormal Romance
Main Characters: Nia
Date Read: 27th - 28th January 2013
Rating Given:
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Blurb from Goodreads:

A night gone wrong...

Amidst the grinding bodies of the hottest club in Seattle--Johnny's, twenty year old Nia finds herself in the arms of a mysterious green eyed-stranger. Will she give into him? The most erotic kiss of her life may just turn into the kiss of death. Nia is in for one heck of a ride--a run for her life under accusations of her best friend's attempted murder.

The Emerald Night holds more than just a boring latte.

Publisher's Note: Due to mature adult themes and adult language, this short novel is not suitable for minors under the age of 17.


I didn't actually know about this book until it was on Facebook that it was free on Kindle so I thought why not and for the most part it wasn't bad.
 I kind of like this cover I think it ties in with what the main character was wearing at the beginning of the book. I also like the colours that was used as it makes the cover stand out.
When I first started this book I wasn't too sure on whether I was going to like it as it just didn't seem that believable. I felt the romance side of the story was not really explained well enough and I just didn't get the attraction as there just didn't seem to be enough chemistry, I've read hotter romances in YA books! Once things started to get explained I did understand where her feeling came from. Even though this was a short story I felt like there was a lot of things that kept happening and has made me want to continue this story to see what happens next.
Nia seemed a bit naive and easily gave into a bit of peer pressure but once the story went on I felt she did grow a bit but not much. Johnny seemed to be a bit pushy to start with but again once the story went on I did understand where he was coming from and I did feel for him at times.
Overall it was a quick and easy read I just felt things needed to explained a lot sooner.