28 December 2012

Book Review: Confessions of an Angry Girl (Confessions #1) by Louise Rozett

Format: Paperback (arc)
Publishers: Mira Ink
Published: 4th January 2012
Pages: 266
Main Characters: Rose
Date Started: 21st December 2012
Date Finished: 23rd December 2012
Rating Given:

Blurb from Goodreads:

This is a story about ROSE. About the occasional panic attack and being fourteen in the suburbs without a mobile phone. Read it and weep Rose's first year at Union High isn't exactly going to plan. Her family's broken, her supposed best friend's going boy crazy and Rose is so far behind socially that she might as well be moving backwards. Until her brother's friend Jamie offers her a ride home - and a way into the world of his popular clique - if only it weren't for his perfect cheerleader girlfriend. Now Rose is learning how to climb the wobbly high-school social ladder, while struggling to hang on to what matters the most...

When this book was up for review I thought it sounded like a book that I would enjoy and although I never enjoyed it that much I still thought it was a good read.

I do like the cover but I don't think it's the best cover. I do think this one is better than the American version as i prefer the font on this one as it's very eye catching.

For most of this book I was thinking I would be rating this between 2-2.5/5 but towards the end it picked up which has made me want to read the next book to find out what is going to happen next. The beginning was rather slow and I didn't find that she was that angry but when she was I could understand where she was coming from. There was a bit of a love interest which was interesting to see what was going to happen between them but I would have liked more chemistry as it was quite believable enough for me. I actually didn't know that this was apart of a series until I finished the book which was lacking in answers so I thought I would look on Goodreads to see if there was anymore which there was which in another reason why I didn't rate it any lower.

I only liked the main character Rose as she seemed like a nice person that was dealing with a lot. The other characters I didn't really like as they all seemed to use her or let her down including her friends and family. I hope that in the next book the other characters are better than in this one.

Overall a decent book that was just a bit too slow with only one likable character but once you get into it, it does pick up.