12 December 2012

Book Review: Echo (Soul Seekers #2) by Alyson Noel

May contain spoilers
Format: Paperback (arc)
Publishers: Pan Macmillan
Published: 22nd November 1012
Pages: 396
Main Characters: Daire, Dace
Date Started: 6th December 2012
Date Finished: 12th December 2012
Rating Given:

Blurb from Goodreads:

Daire Santos has already saved her grandmother's life and her soul. But at a cost: the Richter family has been let loose in the Lowerworld. Daire and her boyfriend Dace Richter must work together to find them before chaos ensues and the balance between good and evil is destroyed. As their relationship deepens, Dace's evil brother Cade grows stronger than ever, building his power and forcing Daire and Dace to confront the horrifying prophecy that has brought them all together. It will leave Daire no choice but to claim her true destiny as Seeker, but only by making an unthinkable sacrifice.

With me reading and kind of liking the first book in this series (Fated) I thought I would give the second one a go hoping that it would be better, however, for me that wasn't the case... it was worse.
I love the cover it's stunning and also Christmasy which being around Christmas it was a fitting cover and the story is around the Christmas time period. I love that the only colours used are blue and white as those two colours are very complimentary of each other.
To be honest maybe if I had reread the first book I might have started of on a better footing but I never and I forgot almost everything that happened. There was some reminders of what had happened but it just wasn't enough for me. Although the further it went into the book I didn't need reminders until the very end which I can't even remember that person. With it having a Christmas setting I thought it would have been a more light hearted read how wrong was I it was just so depressing and then there was the ending I think my chin may have hit the floor I wasn't expecting that ending. There was a few moments in the book which did pick up especially towards the end but then the ending just ruined it. Apart from those few moments that I enjoyed the rest of the book I didn't want to continue reading it and there was times when I seriously didn't want to finish it and other times I would just skim the book I just wanted it to end. With the ending being so shocking it has made me want to read the next one but I won't be rushing out to get a copy.
I think that if it wasn't for some of the characters I wouldn't have got through the book as they where what made the book worth while even if I didn't like them all. The only thing is about half of the characters was their names I couldn't even pronounce them which was annoying. Daire was my least favourite as for me she was annoying and really I didn't see the point of her. There was times especially the ending that I actually liked her as she was very selfless and I liked her for it. Dace I liked he was sweet and was always trying to protect Daire even if that meant sacrificing his own happiness. There was also some other characters that was in this book that at times made me laugh which was definitely needed.
Overall I didn't really like this book but there was times when it was enjoyable.