6 December 2012

Changing Covers #4

Hi everyone welcome to my new weekly feature which all about covers that change either in the middle of the series or even when the series had finished. (The covers will mainly be UK changes but also from the USA.) I decided to do this feature as there has been so many cover changes it's hard to keep up.
I am not sure if anyone has done this particular feature so feel free to let me know so I can start linking it up to them. It is similar to other features that are out there but I'm hoping that this is different enough.

Divergent by Veronica Roth

First Published/USA                  UK                
Divergent was first published in 2011 and it took me ages to find a copy here in the UK but when I did I jumped at the chance to buy it. Usually in the UK we have to get them online for the first published ones but I found mine in a shop so I didn't think anything of it until Insurgent was being released. When Insurgent was released it was a completely different cover to the one released in USA so therefore being completely different to the copy of the first book. As usual UK got a cover change and I would have ordered the one from USA but that would have been a hardcover when my first book was paperback so I ended up getting the new UK cover for the second one and left the first one as the old cover but I will eventually get that one in the new UK covers so that they match.
At first I didn't like the UK covers but now that I have a copy of Insurgent as the UK cover it's grown on me. I do still prefer the first published cover as for me it is more eye catching and plus the UK cover has a bird on them and I don't like birds.
That is what I think of this weeks cover change. What do you think of this series cover change? Let me know in the comments below.