4 April 2012

Book Cover: Every Other Day


Every Other Day by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

When I first saw this book on netgalley I was drawn to it as it is different to my other favourite covers yet it still stood out to me.
The who thing looks stunning in an elegant way it definitely makes me want to read the book.
The main focus of the cover for me would have to be the timer as it is slap bang in the middle and the only part with an eye catching colour it just makes it stand out.
I love the patterns that run trough out the cover it adds a bit of texture which is my favourite thing about books especially if I don't have a hard copy of it. I do love to actually feel the texture but looking like it is textured is the next best thing for me.
The title of the book and the author's name has been kept simple which I think was a good move because of the pattern in the background anything that stylised in the foreground would just over power the cover and then make it look too crowded.
In this particular cover it doesn't really give anything away to what it is going to be about which maybe if I had actually read different I would think differently. It does give me the impression of time running out but I don't know if that is the case for the actual book. I guess I will have to read it and then maybe I will think differently.


  1. The cover is simply eye-catching. OOOOoooo, I wouldn't mind picking this book up. :)

  2. I admit I was also drawn to it mostly because of the cover. And the content was quite good as well :)