19 April 2012

Film Review: The Dark is Rising

The Dark Is Rising

(May contain spoilers)

Director: David L. Cunningham
Writer: John Hodge (Screenplay), Susan Cooper (Novel)
Stars/Characters: Alexander Ludwig/Will, Christopher Eccleston/The Rider, Ian McShane/Merriman,
Cinema Release: 19th October 2007
Date Watched (DVD): 18th April 2012
Rating Given: ***

It's been a long while since I first watched this film and I actually couldn't remember what happened. So when I was looking for a film that is also a book to watch for my weekly film review I came across this and thought I would watch it again and it felt like the first time I watched it. I have never read the series so I wouldn't be able to compare the film and the book. What I do find strange is that this is the title of the second book yet this is the first film which does make me intrigued to read the first book see if anything was needed in this film. Another thing that got me confused was that when I was looking for the film on IMDB I couldn't find it and then found that it has a different name.

I really did enjoy this film but I did feel like it was a bit immature which I know the book is probably for YA but there has been loads of YA films that seemed more mature than this film did. Although there was a couple of scene's that did freak me out but I think that has more to do with my bird phobia and there being a lot of birds in the film if I had remembered that I might not have watched it again.

Some of the acting was a bit poor but some of them did get better as I got further into the film. I was even shocked at Christopher Eccleston's acting as I have seen him in Dr.Who which he was loads better at acting in. The house that the family lived in I think looked poorly made as it looked fake usually films make them so they look real maybe they didn't have a huge budget.

I did like the way that I never knew who was on the side of good or bad which I love in books as well as films as it just makes them more thrilling.

Overall a good film but I would probably say it's more for young children rather than the adults.