26 April 2012

Film Review: Thor


(May contain spoilers)

Director: Kenneth Branagh
Writers: Ashley Miller (Screenplay), Zack Stentz (Screenplay), Don Payne (Screenplay), j. Michael Straczynski (Story)
Stars/Characters: Chris Hemsworth/Thor, Natalie Portman/Jane, Tom Hiddleston/Loki, Anthony Hopkins/Odin, Kat Dennings/Darcy
Cinema Release: 27th April 2011
Date Watched (DVD): 25th April 2012
Rating Given: *****

This isn't actually a book into film more comic into film but with me watching it yesterday and loving it I thought it wouldn't really matter. I haven't read the comics so I can't compare this film with them. I do love the Superheroes films and this film is no different it was a great mix of action and comedy.

The effects of this film was brilliant especially when they was in Asgard it looked visually stunning and very believable. The effects on some of the creatures was also done beautifully.

I loved the way that you never knew who was the good guy or the bad guy which I love in a film or a book as it keeps me guessing.

I actually wanted to watch this because of Chris Hemsworth being in it who I have a huge soft spot for ever since he played Kim in Home and Away. Looking at the pictures of the comic on Goodreads of Thor I do think Chris was the perfect match.  I think he did a great job at acting the arrogant warrior as at first I was thinking to myself he was being a jerk but by the end I fell in love with him (It probably helped him taking his top of as Chris has an amazing body!). What I was amazed at was that Anthony Hopkins playing Odin as I couldn't tell it was him until the credits told me who he was. That just goes to show how into the film I was that I didn't even notice who was playing who (Apart from Chris).

Just found out that there is going to be another Thor film which I can't wait for but it looks like I will have a long wait as it's not out until 2013!

This DVD that I watched I actually borrowed but I loved the film that much that I know that at some point I will be buying my own copy so that I can watch it over and over again.


  1. ooooh he is a good-looking man. :3 I want to watch this so bad. Great review!

  2. I did love that movie and of course having an eye candy like Chris helped, another reason why i'm excited to watch Snow White and the Huntsman he is in it and I love his acting okay maybe more so just because I like looking at him :P I'm glad to see they are making a Thor 2 I really did like the plot and how well they did the effects.