18 April 2012

Book Cover: Wicked Lovely

Wicked Lovely Series by Melissa Marr

I love the whole of this series book covers but I have only put a picture of the first one because it's my favourite of them all, if you click on the cover it will take you to Goodreads which then you can look at them all if you haven't seen them already.
The only reason why this one is my favourite is because it's the first one and when I started this series it was the only one out and it was the cover that drew me to this series as it just looks beautiful. I would definitely say it's one of my all time favourite cover.
I love the way that the background is blurred which surprised me as I used to study photography blurry pictures are a no, no but I guess with the foreground being in focus it doesn't really matter. I also don't think it matters as it might have ruined the overall effect if it was in focus.
The flowers which are in focus look beautiful with all the texture on them it just draws your eye straight to them.
The simplicity of the colours in this cover look stunning together and I am really pleased they didn't over do it with the colour because for me it's the colours that make it stand out.
The title of the book as well as the authors name has been kept simple but because of the leaves around it, it makes it have an elegant feel to it which goes with the rest of the cover.
What I am not sure about is what the cover has to do with the actual book which I would have preferred some kind of reference to what the book is about but maybe that's just me please let me know what you think am I wrong is there a reference that I just can't see?
I may not get any reference to the cover and story but what I do know is the story is just as beautifully written as the cover is beautiful.

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  1. I absolutely love this cover too but I didn't enjoy the book that much though :(.