11 January 2012

Book Covers: Trylle Trilogy

Trylle Trilogy by Amanda Hocking

So there is actually a lot of different versions of this series which I am going to look at in this post.

The Trylle Series was originally bought out in 2010 with these book covers. I do like the simplicity of these covers. I love the style of the title as it stops it from being too simple. Even though I like the simplicity of these books the other versions are much stronger.

This is the USA 2012 version of the series and I love them far more than the original versions. I love that in this version the style of the title has been left simple but with the design around it, it makes the title stand out and for me it is the first thing my eye is drawn too. Out of these three I prefer Torn as I love the blue's and white's together it looks stunning.

This version is from the UK/Aus/South Africa/Asia Young Adult cover and I must say it is my favourite!
There is a couple of different colours to choose from for each book as well but I went with the ones that looked the best. I love the way that they are all black and white with a bright colour added on certain thing it really makes the whole thing stand out.

I do like all these cover especially the way in which they are all similar which I think is a good thing with it being a series they need to match.
If I was to buy the whole series I think I would have to go for the UK (good job I live in the UK) books as they just stand out from any of these versions and I would also say the UK version would be one of my top 5 book covers ever!