24 January 2012

Top Ten Tuesday #8

Top 10 Tuesday is a weekly meme by The Broke and the Bookish. Every Tuesday everyone involved in the TTT will make a list of that weeks topic.

This weeks topic is: (Freebie, picked one of the old top ten's that I wish I had taken part in) Top ten fictional crushes
Not necessarily in order.
  1. Jace from The Mortal Instruments: As soon as I started this series I just fell in love with Jace he is one of my favourite characters ever as well as my biggest fictional crush. It wasn't just his looks that got to me but also his personality he was just so funny but arrogant which I actually loved about him. I also felt so sorry for him I just hope everything turns out well for him. Not sure about Jamie Campbell Bower playing him in the film adaptation but hopefully I will like him when I actually get to see him in it.
  2. Bones from The Night Huntress: He is very similar to Jace in his arrogance but he does have a witty sense of humour that I just love.
  3. Edward from The Twilight Saga: Yes I am a huge team Edward fan he is just a great character even if he can be moody which you can forgive him for. With Robert Patterson playing Edward I loved him to start with but then I went off him as I preferred the other actors but seeing him in Breaking Dawn I fell in love with him all over again and can really imagine him as Edward.
  4. Shane from The Morganville Vampires: I am just a huge fan of him and even Michael in this series both are great.
  5. Nicholas from The Drake Chronicle: I have only read two of the books in this series and Nicholas wasn't in much of the second one but I still love him and I love the relationship between him and Lucy even when they hate each other it's just so funny to watch can't wait to read more of this series especially Nicholas
  6. Will from The Infernal Devices: Will seems to be a bit of a tortured hero which just makes me love him all the more, however he can be a bit mean to Tessa. Can't wait to see how his character evolves.
  7. Patch from Hush, Hush: With Patch we never know if he is a good guy or the bad guy but either way I love him!
  8. Dimitri from The Vampire Academy: I actually love him and Adrian they are both great characters which I don't think we got to see enough!
  9. Alex from Perfect Chemistry: I just loved his character as he could be sweet as well as bit of a bad boy which I love.
  10. Adam from Carrier of the Mark: Only read this recently so he is fresh in my mind and he reminded me a bit of Edward as well.
After looking at my list I am starting to see that I definitely have a type: the brooding, tall, dark and handsome with a bit of arrogance! This list could have definitely gone on for a few pages :)


  1. Dimitri is tops for me! Oh my *sigh*. Adrian, meh, Im a total Dimitri girl. <3

    I will admit to loving Edward too, but I didn't really picture him looking like Robert Pattenson. I would like to re read them all some day, so maybe I'll picture him different that time. :)

  2. Awesome top ten! Yes to Jace, Will & Alex!!! They would definitely be in my top ten as well! :)

    My Top Ten: http://hopefaithbooks.blogspot.com/2012/01/top-ten-tuesday-another-freebie-week.html