25 January 2012

Book Covers: Unearthly Series

Unearthly Series by Cynthia Hand - I love the covers for this series and are one of my favourites they just look so beautiful. A little warning I found it hard to find which cover came from which country so let me know if I'm wrong.

These books above are the first in this series Unearthly which may I add was a stunning debut novel which match the stunning covers.
The first one is from USA which I do like especially the way it has used minimal colours. I love the details and the texture of the background and the title as it works well together. I don't think this one or the next one looks like what you would expect from the book as they don't look 'unearthly'.
The second one is the Australian front cover which I do like but there is more colours in this one so it just doesn't have the same kind of effect as the first one. I do like the bit of pattern that it has near the title as it gives it a more elegant feel to it which it definitely needed as to me it just looks to normal.
The last one is the UK one and I am not being biased here but it is my favourite out of the three of them as this one has a more unearthly feel to it which I think is needed to match the story. This one is similar to the first one with using minimal colours which really does suit the cover. Although this one has more light to it to give more of an idea to what the story is about. I like the way that like the Australian one it has used a pattern which is kind of faded into the background and because of this and the light the title didn't need to be fancy but just to stay simple.

These books are for the latest book Hallowed.
These covers are very much similar to the first ones which I think is a good idea as then you know that they belong to this particular series.
The colours used in these ones are a bit different apart from the UK version. The Australian one (second one in) has used completely different colours and stuck to the same as the others in using only a few different colours and it looks so much better so much so that this one is my favourite from this series.
I don't like the brightness of the USA one as I think it is too bright and it just doesn't look right it looks like too much is going on with the way the title has been done as well.
The two end ones are both the UK versions. The one with the guy in it is supposed to be Christian and this was supposed to be the one that was used in UK but me personally I haven't seen it I have only seen the other one which was a shame as I do like the Christian one but the other one is more similar to the first book so I guess it flows better.

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  1. I think they are all beautiful but I'm being biased too - so the UK ones are my favourite as well :)