1 February 2012

Book Cover: Starters

Starters by Lissa Price

I first saw this on Netgalley and as soon as I had seen it I fell in love with it and had to see if the story could match how beautiful the cover is which I am yet to find out.
I love the way that there isn't many colours but still looks bright.
This book definitely stands out with it mostly being in white it gives an icey feel to it.
I can't tell what is going on in the background as first I just thought that it was a pattern to give it a bit of texture but if you look closer there is something there. I don't feel as though this is important but I do love that it's there as it also adds to the icey look.
I like the way that they have kept the title font simple as if it was too fancey I just don't think it would have been as effective. It was a good idea to have the title in blue as blue is a cold colour so then it doesn't warm the cover up. I think that maybe the author's name should have been done in blue as I don't think it stands out enough.
This book cover is just stunning and I can't wait to read the book.


  1. I agree, Kate, it's a very effective cover! I'm interested to read your opinion of the book itself.

    The Overnight Bestseller

  2. Can't wait to hear how it it... been eyeing this one for a while. That cover is icy-delicious.