22 February 2012

Book Covers: Revenants Series

Revenants Series by Amy Plum
Die For Me #1
Until I Die #2

I have Die For Me on my shelf which is just waiting for me to read it but I do hope that the story is just as beautiful as the cover.
The actual reason why I wanted to read this series was because of the cover as it's so beautiful!
I love the colours that have been used in both these books as it has just been left simple which I think it definitely needed with all of the patterns going on in the cover as well.
Talking of the patterns it's my favourite part of the cover as it looks so delicate. I love the way that in book #1 it goes into the dress it makes it look like it was supposed to be a part of the dress. With book #2 the patterns seem to be the most dominate role of the cover which I do like it's just that I prefer the way it was interweaves with the dress in the first one.
Book #1 seems to have a more of a fancy font but it's not too fancy which is what is needed so that it doesn't over power the cover. In Book #2 it looks more plainer but I think this has to do with this book having more patterns so it would have just looked too cluttered.