23 February 2012

Film Review: New Moon

New Moon
(May contain spoilers)

Director: Chris Weitz
Writers: Melissa Rosenberg (Screenplay), Stephenie Meyer (Novel)
Stars Characters: Kristen Stewart/Bella, Taylor Lautner/Jacob, Robert Pattinson/Edward
Cinema Release Date: 20th November 2009
Recently Watched (DVD): 23rd February 2012
Rating Given: ***

As a book this was always my least favourite out of the series and there is no change for the film. With me already seeing this DVD a few times I found myself skipping some of the more boring scenes which there was a lot of. I hated the beginning which I skipped until she started spending time with Jacob but I really love the end of the film when Edward comes back on the scene.

Not only was the film not as good as the first one but the wigs was terrible in this one you could really tell they was wigs especially Alice's. The make-up for the vampires was rubbish too, as they looked too pale I know they are supposed to look pale as they are vampires but I just think it was too much they looked ill especially Edward.

The acting kind of picked up in this one but there were times when it was just terrible especially the part where Bella doesn't want Edward to be killed it just didn't feel right. What I also didn't get was Jasper's accent in this one he had the right accent the kind that you imagine him having but if I remember rightly he didn't have this accent in the first one or is this just me?

Overall another good effort at keeping it similar to the book but like the book this was not my favourite of the trilogy.