29 February 2012

Book Covers: The Demon Trappers Series

The Demon Trappers by Jana Oliver
Forsaken #1
Forbidden #2
Forgiven #3 (Released UK 1st March 2012)
Foretold #4 (Released UK August 2012)

I can't believe how long it's taken me to talk about these covers as they are one of my most favourite covers out there and I am so pleased that they are the UK version as usually our covers aren't as good as the American ones.
The first thing that drew me to these covers was the pattern near the title as it looks so striking and also it is raised and I love it when a book has texture as I always end up stroking them.
The patter and title aren't the only thing textured the whole cover is, I can't say exactly what it feels like but it seems similar to a suede feel which I love. When reading my book I end up stroking it all the time I know that might sound weird.
I like the way that each of the first three have a dominant colour and the choices of colours are beautiful and not too bright as that wouldn't match the actual story. When using these colours without the dark background these colours would actually be classed as bright but they was used very cleverly.
I think the edging was done beautifully as well as it looks like smoke but in a coloured form I think it just really sets the whole cover off.
I love the way that each of the books have a scenery at the bottom which I don't think you can tell at first but the more you look at the books the more you can tell this. The scenery then gives you a picture of where the book is set which I think was a good idea as I like visuals.
I love the way that they have kept the covers very similar as then you know they are a part of this particular series. The only one that doesn't seem to follow the same pattern is the last one and I am not sure what I think about it as there is something off about it. I think this could be because it doesn't have the same coloured pattern its more bold and I liked the white maybe if the others was the red as well then maybe it wouldn't stand out as much. There also seems to be more colours going on in the background but maybe because its blue and orange maybe it is a symbol of the battle of the good verses evil that I am sure is going to come to a head in the last one which by my reckoning Foretold is the last one so maybe that's why it's different.